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2013-02-04 Doom channel (mostly) 52 Views 0 Comments
If you have not, please check out my Youtube channel on the left side of the screen or click this:
2009-08-01 Back to a desktop! 232 Views 0 Comments
OK, am back on a more than capable machine for heavy 3d games now.
2008-09-29 Blah (No gaming rig) 203 Views 0 Comments
I really need that new case, as I'm stuck using a laptop with a fairly weak gaming IGP.
2008-01-27 Current problem 260 Views 0 Comments
2007-05-21 Blogs? 272 Views 0 Comments
What's the point? We have Livejournal, Xanga and others to post this stuff. Don't turn Xfire into a Myspace wannabee please.