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2008-01-22 The POC v0.2 226 Views 0 Comments
For those that read my blog post about The POC but I wanted to add two new features to the original list.

First, Profiles. I'd like all my information to be secured and encrypted on the device and for my files, data, and other elements to be only...
2007-11-16 Gaming Censorship 189 Views 0 Comments
Dan "Shoe" Hsu, Editor-in-Chief of EGM magazine has posted in his editorial for Holiday 2007 issue of that magazine about the increasing criticalness of what he calls censorship in videogames. Link

Now anyone who's read my previous blogs...
2007-08-16 The POC 224 Views 0 Comments
Ok, I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but it's just been the same-ol-same-ol, y'know. Anyway, the iPhone commercials that run every other commercial slot on the little TV time I get have got me thinking. What would my ideal cell-phone...
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