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World of Warcraft Characters
Name Level
Level 76 Blood Elf Warlock
Realm: Al'Akir
Region: Europe
Guild: None
Level 44 Blood Elf Mage
Realm: Al'Akir
Region: Europe
Guild: None
Latest Blogs on Xfire
2008-02-06 update 157 Views 0 Comments
it's been long since last update not that anyone looks at my blog anyways...i've moved to stonetalon after completing ghostlands and silverpine, i also finished half of my Blood-tmpered Ransaur quest, and finally reached lvl 24 + i did some BG's but...
2008-01-27 report 140 Views 0 Comments
Nothing really big, got 2 levels and gonna kill Dark'ahn or whoever soon...
2008-01-26 First post 158 Views 0 Comments
Well...this is it,first post! Nothing big to tell really, im just your average geeky WoW'er. I started to play on Darkmoon Fairie RP recently and already founded a nice guild with a couple of other guys: The Emerald Academy, sounds good no?
Well im...