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2012-01-15 SWTOR!!! 103 Views 0 Comments
Such a awesome game. Epic story line for each of the characters you can choose from and so many good missions.

I have quite a few characters I created but my favorite so far is my Trooper in the Republic side.

My server is: The Corsair on...
2011-08-01 Updated my system specs 110 Views 0 Comments
Woot Love my new pc and finally done lol.
2010-02-06 Which game should I get? 183 Views 1 Comment
1. AVP
2. Bioshock 2

PS 3
3. Dante Inferno
4. Final Fantasy 13

If you have limited funds and only have like 70 dollars to spend, which game would you get from that list.


If you going to post for me to get BF:BC2, don't...
2009-12-25 Merry Christmas 199 Views 0 Comments
Just wanted to shout out Merry Christmas too all. I don't celebrate christmas, but just wanna be nice to everyone haha.
2009-10-16 New PC parts!!! ^o^ 185 Views 0 Comments
Well, I finally went out and upgrade my pc a little. I kept the same case I have now because it's still in great condition and everything else with the case... fans, fan controller etc etc.

I updated my mobo, cpu, ram, gfx card. I upgrade to an...