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2011-06-14 lord of the rings online 187 Views 0 Comments
is there anyone out there that play's lotro on server Vilya

we are currently rank 7 kin with over 40+ members own kin house obviously x-fire chat aswell for raid's an fellowships

if you would like to join us send a tell to celtric in-game...
2009-07-05 mmorpg argument about F2P games 266 Views 0 Comments

if you cant see the link then read what i put on reply of head to one of the big mmos about WoW

right i'll get striaght to the point shall i about your WOW ideas of...
2009-02-18 Any COH players out there ? 226 Views 0 Comments
just wondering are you bored of teaming with people that arn't on the same time clock as you well i'm bloody sick an tired of it,
you have to wait up half the night just for a decent team,

so my point is im on union server add my globel...