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2009-06-08 comp modding/upgrading feedback 942 Views 0 Comments
I will leave a feedback of the work I'm doing on my comp, the hardware changes basically. Since that's an unfinished work, I will be completing this entry as I'm working on it...

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--> That's my worktable

Entry one. 06/09/2009

2009-01-04 Two years on Last Chaos 917 Views 0 Comments
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Hello all potencial readers. Since the last 1 of January I can say that I'm on Last Chaos since 2 years ago. Yes, for anybody who know me, he will know that now I can speak about this game as Game Sage. But above all I can speak...
2008-06-03 Estreno de mi blog: testeando Rohan Online 915 Views 0 Comments
Bueno, parece ser que ya era hora de estrenar el blog del Xfire... Así que me he animado aprovechando el testeo del Rohan. De momento parece un buen mmorpg: buenos gráficos, estética tipo Lineage 2, PvP estable con posesión de Towns y sistema de...