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Username: sivh
Nickname: † Sîұh Fallënhart †
Location: at the End of Game / Spain es
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Gaming Style:
Real Name: Sivh Fallenhart
Website: www.google.com/intl/...
Occupation: R0N1N
About Me: Why taking care? I have lost too much to be able to feel anything else. This is easy, because at the end, life is nothing. Only Chaos creates disorder and existence. This is the End of the Level, and there's only the Great Hollow awaiting.

Overall Hours - 8,925 hours
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2009-06-08 comp modding/upgrading feedback 825 Views 0 Comments
I will leave a feedback of the work I'm doing on my comp, the hardware changes basically. Since that's an unfinished work, I will be completing this entry as I'm working on it...

[image hidden]
--> That's my worktable

Entry one. 06/09/2009

2009-01-04 Two years on Last Chaos 783 Views 0 Comments
[image hidden]

Hello all potencial readers. Since the last 1 of January I can say that I'm on Last Chaos since 2 years ago. Yes, for anybody who know me, he will know that now I can speak about this game as Game Sage. But above all I can speak...
2008-06-03 Estreno de mi blog: testeando Rohan Online 787 Views 0 Comments
Bueno, parece ser que ya era hora de estrenar el blog del Xfire... Así que me he animado aprovechando el testeo del Rohan. De momento parece un buen mmorpg: buenos gráficos, estética tipo Lineage 2, PvP estable con posesión de Towns y sistema de...
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Gaming Rig
Sivh Fallënheart
OC'd Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz (2 CPUs) to 3.00GHz
Kingston's ActiveX 2x 1024MB RAM at 1333MHz
Hard Drive:
2x WD5002AALX (Western Digital 500 GB Black Caviar 32MB) in RAID 0 for software + WD20EARS (Western Digital 2 TB Green Caviar 64MB) for data & media
Video Card:
OC'd Asus NVIDIA GeForce GTS250 to 800MHz (1GB VRAM)
SAMSUNG TFT-LCD 17'' Screen (main screen) // Protech TV [Analogical TV PAL-B] (slave screen)
Sound Card:
Realtek HD Audio chipset
JVC 25v [Hi-Fi] // Trust GXT10 Gaming Headset // Vivanco FMH 6050 [Infrared Headphones]
Logitech G15 rev. 2
Microsoft SideWinder x8
Mouse Surface:
Razer Vespula
Operating System:
modified Asus P4SD-LA*
Computer Case:
Custom NOX Myth
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